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Table Fellowship in the time of Jesus, and the Early Christian Church was the primary way of marking any significant event, both social and religious. There were prescribed rituals for preparing for eating.
  1. The host had to extend gracious hospitality to guests.
  2. The feet of the guests were washed.
  3. Kisses were exchanged. t
  4. And the head was anointed with perfumed oil in some cases.
The extent to which these rituals were observed might be an indication of the esteem in which the host held the guests (Luke 7: 44-47, also John 13:3-17). While at this service we did not wash feet (although a good ritual for Ash Wednesday or Maundy Thursday), or head-anoint with oil, and with only modest hugs/kisses we did have delicious Quiche and Salads during our 10:30 a.m. Worship Service, where we discussed what an Agape Feast is all about. We also had wonderful music and liturgy to guide us. So, this is a very celebratory Sunday event – one to which we can invite friends and neighbors (if you do, please let us know in the Church Office, so that we can prepare).

Before the Service

Chior Singing
      Passing of the Peace