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This year we were at near the beginning of the choir's tour. The Hope Haitian Ministries have wanted to build Trade School on their property to ensure their students can sustain a reasonable life style once they graduate. They have the property, but need $50,000 to build the school. By the time they reached TPCAS they had already had 2 pledges totaling $25,000 from the 2019 tour!

They spent two days with us. On the first day they rehearsed, had a TPCAS supplied dinner, and had their performance. That evening they stayed over with hosts families, as they did last year (each fmaily hosted 2-3 of the choir, though in some cases a host had as many as 6). On the second day the Keansburg Water park, as in 2018, opened their doors to them.

After the park they returned to the church to pack their equipment up in the bus and to be taken to stay with their host families for a second night. Just as they were finishing packing the bus a sudden wind storm came up. It only lasted a few minutes, but hundreds of trees in Monmouth County were toppled resulting in wide spread power outages. Some outages in the county lasted only 14 hours, others for many days. We did get the kids to their host families (being careful, many stoplights were out) and back again the next morning for them to continue their tour.

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