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After (non-Summer) Sunday Services the congregation has the opportunity to engage in fellowship down the street at Fellowship Hall in the Church House. A different church group each week is responsible for procuring goodies and serving at that weeks coffee hour. If you want to see what group is responsible for a given week, Click

As you can see below, tables and chairs are set up to allow people to interact easily while they have their freshly brewed coffee.

The coffee hour weekly assignment can be found Here.

Sometimes there are other functions happing during coffee hour. Example include:
Connecting to community service organiations.
Soliciting help with specific charities, in this case Heifer Int'l where funds are collected to donate farm animals to groups in Africa.
or signing up interested parties to the church's small group fellowships.
or something for fun. In this case it was called "Cats fo the Congregation", displays of different cats members have at home: