- Past Activities -

Mission - The Center is Asbury Park

During the summer the church hosts a cookout at The Center in Asbury Park, a volunteer based New Jersey not-for-profit service organization, providing support services for people living with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers. Various organizations provide a home cooked meal with real china and flatwear, centerpieces and table favors on the third Sunday of each month. TCPAS started by participating in a meal along with with other organizations. Now TPCAS is responsible for an entire meal. This includes preparers, servers, cleaner-uppers, on-premise cooks etc. The meal is for about 40-50 people. By 2018 we had participated 6 times.

The guests as always are so appreciative - and hungry! Not a bit of the salads, hamburgers, chicken, sides, drinks and desserts are wasted as many clients and their caregivers take food home for family and neighbors.

Here are photos from a past cookout: