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TPCS Celebrates those With 50 and 25 years of Service and Membership

September 22, 2019

Litany of Thanksgiving

Congregation: Today we celebrate your membership in our church. We are grateful for your presence and for all the ways you have participated in this congregation.

Members: Thank you. Our lives have been enriched by our presence and participation here.

Congregation: Through your contributions of time, talent and treasure, you have helped our congregation thrive. You've nurtured children. You've offered gentle hands and hearts in times of need. And you've stood on the side of love and justice in our community.

Members: It's been our privilege to continue the legacy of the members who have come before us. We've had many meaningful experiences here and are grateful for this congregation.

Congregation: You have given yourselves in service to your Lord and your God! And God can and will continue to use you in the future. Thank you for your example. Thank you for staying, serving, and growing with us. Our church is a better place because you have been here.

All: Our church is a better place because we have all been here.