Activities: Strawberry Festival | Service Auction | Xmas Bazaar | Tasting Fair| Dinner Theater

Presbyterian Women of PCAS

The Presbyterian Women (PW) of the Presbyterian Church at Shrewsbury are one of the most active PW organizations in the Presbyterian Church. Below are some of the activities they are involved in. The fund raiser activities are major events that also double as social events.

Strawberry Festival
The Strawberry Festival is a June Fundraiser for Presbyterian Women that sells Strawberries, Jewelry, Baked Goods, Books, Home Decor Items (gently used and new), Garden and House Plants, Handicrafts, Accessories, and Beach and Picnic Items. A BBQ lunch outside and Sumptuous Strawberry Desserts provide a welcome treat for shoppers.

Service Auction
The Service Auction gives members of the community an opportunity to bid on goods or services (such as yard work, transportation, recreation opportunities, or homemade food items) or talents (such as paintings or needlework) offered by the congregation. There is usually an associated dinner.

Christmas Bazaar
The Christmas Bazaar is a December fundraiser that sells Jewelry, Baked Goods and Soups, Christmas Treasures (new and gently used Christmas items and gifts), Handicrafts, Floral Arrangements, Poinsettias, Books, Accessories, Toys, and photos with Santa. Shoppers can take a break with a hot lunch.

Tasting Fair
The Tasting Fair gives participants an opportunity to test taste a variety of homemade cooked goods that the congregation has prepared. Then they can buy the recipes that appeal to them and vote for their favorites. There is plenty to try to have an entire meal.

Dinner Theater
Dinner theaters consist of a dinner and/or dessert provided by PW that is served around the theater event.