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Presbyterian Women of PCAS
Strawberry Festival

The Strawberry Festival is a major fundraiser for Shrewsbury Presbyterian Women and is held annually at the beginning of June. It consists of many stations: Strawberries, Jewelry, Baked and Gourmet Goods, Books, Home Decor Items (gently used and new), Garden and House Plants, Handicrafts, Accessories, Pillows and Throws, Beach and Picnic Accessories. The Home D├ęcor room is similar to a church wide rummage sale. A BBQ lunch is offered outside and sumptuous Strawberry Desserts can be enjoyed inside. There is afternoon entertainment by the Eatontown Municipal Band. The whole church gets involved, from the children working as waiters, one of the PW women's circles creating crafts, and another making the strawberry desserts. The Boy Scouts sponsored by the church help with the set up and take down of the booths. The entire congregation donates items to be sold and baked items for the Bake Table. The Deacons cook the BBQ lunch. And of course the PW women organize it all, donate their goods and services, and help in arranging the displays and selling all our bargain priced goods.

A good time is had by all!

Festival Stations

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Lunch and Strawberry Desserts in Fellowship Hall
Baked Goods


House Wares

Floral Arrangements


Some of the Staff