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Presbyterian Women of PCAS
Service Auction

Presbyterian Women at Shrewsbury have conducted three service auctions, the latest being in 2018. The men's group teams with PW to provide a dinner that precedes the auction.

Members of the congregation donate either services (such as yard work, transportation, recreation opportunities, or homemade food items) or talents (such as paintings or needlework) to be auctioned off.
PW organizes the auction by recruiting an auctioneer, providing the auction booklet, and awarding certificates to the winning bidders.

The men's group determines the dinner menu, sells the dinner tickets, and prepares and serves the meal.

Before the Dinner and Auction - People Arriving

The Dinner

Men's Group at Work

Kitchen Staff
Organizing and serving Coffee

Participants at Dinner

The Auction

Examples of Goods being Auctioned

Service Auction Workers

Educating the Auctioneer, Handing out the Bidding Paddles

Keeping Track of Who Won What, The Auctioneer taking notes

And Finally - The Auction Itself!!!!