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Presbyterian Women of PCAS
Dinner Theater

The church has a long tradition of providing meals or desserts at intermission of theater presentations. For many years the church hosted "The Shrewsbury Players" and provided dessert at intermission of their dozens of presentations.

The church's congregation has also put on their own presentations, an example being "The Fifth Gospel" as you can see in the photos below. For this mystery theater talented actors in the congregation put on the play, PW organized and cooked the dinner, and the men's group, with assistance from some of the younger participants in the church, acted as waiters.

PW charged admission for the dinner theater which covered the dinner and theater materials. There was competition between the various meal tables in the audience to be the first group to correctly identify the murderer. OF course with their keen understanding audience members could deduce who the murderer was from the play. In addition, the cast members sold clues during intermission (when they weren't also enjoying the dinner). At the end of the play each table discussed who the murderer might be. The table who correctly identified the culprit first won.

If you would like to see a video of the performance, click HERE (however, the video quality leaves a little to be desired)

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Recent Dinner Theater

Cast of "The Five Gospels" Mystery

Waiters at the Dinner Portion

The Play

The Dinner

Intermission: Cast Selling CLues, Tables Discussing the CLues

Some of the Staff

The Cast