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The Manse, home to the pastors serving the Presbyterian Church at Shrewsbury, has been a part of the landscape of Sycamore Avenue for over 140 years. The manse was originally built for Major General Stuart Van Vliet, a graduate of West Point. General Van Vliet served in the US Army for 41 years; time that included service during the Civil War when he was chief quartermaster for the Union Army.

In later years the home was expanded, indoor plumbing and electricity was added. It is a rare blessing that much of the older features were not disturbed through all the years. Most original door locks and antique door knobs are still present, the kitchen is still home to a "cooking" fireplace and the mechanical front doorbell has a patent date of 1845.

In June, 1996 the estate of Helen Staples Summa donated the home to our Church. The commemorative plaque honors "her lifelong interest in architecture" which has helped to preserve and improve this historic home.

The Manse has 3000 sq ft of living space, not including the basement or the attic. Rooms include:
Kitchen, Dining, Living, Sun, Laundry, 3 washrooms, 4 bedrooms, Private Study

In 2019 the manse underwent a major renovation after Pastor McKirachan left and before the next pastor joined TPCAS. As you can see from these To-Do lists, much was done:
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First Floor - Kitchen, Dining Room Living Room, Sun Room
Hallways and Stairs
2nd Floor - Master Bedroom, Bedrooms 2 to 4, Sdudy, Common Washroom